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Abyssal White Stud Earrings (7 / PACK)


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This “Abyssal White Stud Earrings” is inspired by the abysmal sea. In the boundless and silent abysmal sea, there is a highly developed underwater kingdom of civilization. Whether it is the ancient and magnificent Atlantis, the mysterious and elusive Lost City, or the dark and terrible trench tribe, they are all amazing, awe inspiring and fascinating; the magnificent underwater war scene, the top post-modern science and technology, the colorful different world colors, and the rich and diverse intelligent species, all together have constructed a magnificent underwater universe, which has completely broken our superficial and rigid understanding of the sea. OE hopes that our “Abyssal White Stud Earrings” may broaden your vision. While discovering the hidden beauty around you, you are also enabled to discover your own beauty that has not been noticed.

Color: Gold&White
Type: Stud
Quantity: 7 Pairs
Material: Gold-Plated&Silver