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Feuilles Delicate Gold Stud Earrings (7 / PACK)


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This “Feuilles Delicate Gold Stud Earrings” reminds us of Taijusetsuwa. Although there is no legend about the cosmic tree in Japan, there is no lack of stories about big trees whose branches can span several countries. According to records, there is a big tree in the west of the Tucun River. The shadow of the trees under the sunshine can reach to Awaji Island and even go cross the Gao'an Mountain under the setting sun. In addition, according to the anecdote, a tall phoebe grows next to the imperial well of the posthouse colt hand in Mingshi. In the morning, its shadow covers Awaji Island. In the evening, the shadow of the tree even overwhelms the root of Taihe Island.

Color: Gold&Crystal
Type: Stud
Quantity: 7 Pairs
Material: Gold-Plated&Zircon