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Flora Little Hoops (7 / PACK)


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Inspired by roses, this “Flora Little Hoops” exudes charming appeal. Rose is loved by many people as there are many legends about it. In Greek mythology, when the rose is the embodiment of the god of beauty, it is nourished by the blood of the Love God. It combines love and beauty. It is said that once, when Love God was walking, a rose was beheld. At that time, roses were pure white, not only fragrant and pleasant, but also elegant and lovely. God of Love found it beautiful and reached out to pick it. Unexpectedly, just at that moment, a bee popped out. God of Love was startled, and quickly shot at it. From then on, the arrows shot by Love God became the thrones on roses. One day soon after, when the god reached out again to pick roses, her finger was stung by the thorn, and the blood dyed the flowers red, therefore the roses became red from then on.

Color: Gold
Type: Stud
Quantity: 7 Pairs
Material: Rhinestone&Alloy