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Tierce Petite Gold Earrings (7 / PACK)


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This “Tierce Petite Gold Earrings” is inspired by Mobius band and triangle shape. Mobius band has only one surface and two boundaries. The two sides of the band are like two independent individuals. Whichever point they start from, they will eventually return to the starting point and pass through both sides of the band. Just as someone starts from you, and ends to you. The endlessness represents the infinite cycle and eternity of love. In psychology, triangle symbolizes stability, acuteness, irreconcilability, radicality, conflict, and balance. It also symbolizes a kind of enterprising and strength. Unpredictable and unique, the shape of triangle represents new ideas and resolute behaviors. OE hopes that by wearing our “Tierce Petite Gold Earrings”, you will get eternal love and bloom your own unique beauty.

Color: Gold
Type: Stud
Quantity: 7 Pairs
Material: Alloy