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Winmil Sparkly Earrings Studs (7 / PACK)


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This “Winmil Sparkly Earrings Studs” is inspired by the Dutch windmill. In the 18th century, the Dutch windmill reached its peak. There were 18000 windmills in the country. In addition to drainage and irrigation, windmills were also used to grind rice and generate power. The Dutch people relied on these windmills to turn the poor soils into fertile land and build a beautiful home. Generation after generation, the Dutch built solid seawalls and ditches, and used windmills to discharge the backward poured seawater into the sea. The Dutch windmill has become a symbol of the Dutch spirit. It stands silently, telling the  stories of the people who worked hard to start a business and build a beautiful home to everyone who came there.

Color: Gold
Type: Stud
Quantity: 7 Pairs
Material: Alloy