About Us

OranEden embraces every Generation-Zer with our affordable jewelry. Established in 1990s, OE has spent decades specializing in gemstone jewelry and gradually formed a unique style of our own with continuous development and improvement. Our jewelry is born for the party, banquet, feast, gathering or show. It represents shining, eye-catching, nonconformity and independence as much as we love the way how Gen-Z embraces diversity and inclusion.

Focusing on the fashion trend and popular preference, our designing apartment keeps developing new items in high frequency. Every gemstone jewelry is handmade by our well-trained and experienced craftsmen. The richness in colors and the variety of patterns attract people's attention at the first sight especially Gen-Z who is in pursuit of individuality, abundance, elegance, and difference. OE aims at offering whoever a chance to stand out and distinguish themselves, to be in line with our motto: We all have our distinctive beauty. Have your first-ever jewelry here!