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Adore Heart Gold Sparkly Earrings (7 / PACK)


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The color of this “Adore Heart Gold Sparkly Earrings” is inspired by the J'Adore perfume. The upper side is Rhinestone in silver and the bottom is gold plated. All of our products are handmade so this one is no exception. It is thoroughly handmade as you can see the sparkling little rhinestones are very delicate. The shape of this earring is a heart, so it can represent love. If you are a girl looking for love or longing to be loved, this one is very recommended. It celebrates love in all its forms with handcrafted hearts and rhinestones that hang gracefully over the ears. You can wear it to a party where you may fall in love with someone.

Upper: Rhinestones in Silver
Bottom: Gold Plated Ring
Size:  2.95*2.17inch (7.5*5.5cm)
Weight: 34 g
Handmade with Peace and Love