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Grille Simple Gold Stud Earrings (7 / PACK)


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Shaped like a grille, this “Grille Simple Gold Stud Earrings” is full of designed sense of space. Sense of space refers to the aesthetic feeling similar to real space caused by artistic images through certain techniques. Including the space directly expressed by the work and the imaginable space outside the specific image of the work. As the materialized form of artists’ aesthetic consciousness, artworks always exist in a certain space. The contradiction between the finiteness of artistic images and the infinity of the objects and the real world gives the sense of space an aesthetic significance in artistic creation and appreciation. Our “Grille Simple Gold Stud Earrings” is suitable for matching your unique clothes and making your OOTD pop.

Color: Gold
Type: Stud
Quantity: 7 Pairs
Material: Alloy