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Twisted Sparkly Hoop Earrings (7 / PACK)


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This “Twisted Sparkly Hoop Earrings” is inspired by the adventure story of Nordic Mythology: Arthur and the Golden Rope. In the story, Arthur didn’t have a strong physique or any special skills. He just liked to collect things with a strange look, such as feathers that could summon birds of the wind, and hands of time that froze people. While he was catching magic bugs in the forest, a huge wolf stole into little Arthur's town. The huge campfire used for heating was put out by the wolf, and only Thunder God could rekindle the campfire. However, with all the attack of the giant wolf, only Arthur was not injured in the town. In the midst of everyone's doubts, Arthur set foot on the road to the temple of the gods alone. Only by seeking the help of Thunder God and finding the golden rope could he defeat the giant wolf and save the town. Our “Twisted Sparkly Hoop Earrings” has magic like the final prop in the story, which can help you overcome difficulties and always keep in a state of confidence.

Color: Gold
Type: Hoop
Quantity: 7 pairs
Material: Gold-plated